Color energy for Moscow schoolchildren


Down with dull school days and the usual gray walls! A team of artists from the ArtAlyans studio has created a series of vivid figurative images for a Moscow school. Now the corridors, classrooms and the dining room of the building look modern, fresh and beautiful. This is a school you want to return to.

School wall decoration is a special project for our team. Both ArtAlyans designers / artists and the administration of the educational institution approached its implementation with great trepidation. We aimed to create an innovative graphic product that is 100% consistent with the age and psychological characteristics of schoolchildren.

The developed drawings harmoniously fit into the concept of the educational institution:

abstract images are simple enough and understandable for children’s perception;

calm colors were used (orange, shades of green, muted yellow, etc.);

all patterns are large, they are clearly visible at a distance;

images are neutral, so they will not distract children from the educational process.


Mysterious fish swimming along the corridors, juicy vegetables on the walls of the dining room, stylish geometric patterns in classrooms have transformed the classroom beyond recognition. The school has turned into a real art space in which one wants to grow and absorb new knowledge.

ArtAlyans artists not only filled the interior of the educational institution with paints, but literally applied a brush to the development of the younger generation. After all, you also need to learn to see and understand beauty.

Bright, simple, safe

One of the priorities of this project was the maximum safety of all materials. Environmentally friendly materials were used to create the drawings.

The walls were pre-prepared: cleaned, primed. All drawings are made in accordance with technological standards, so they will last for a very long time without losing color.

ArtAlyans studio artists do not just paint the walls, they make the world brighter and better. There are too many gloomy gray buildings in every city in Russia. We are able to create beauty that will delight and inspire.