What is the force, bro? It’s art!


Painting large areas is a real challenge for street art masters. Not every artist will undertake the creation of a large-scale canvas.

Talented masters from the ArtAlyans studio Artur Gultyaev and Ilya Sokolov took a chance and successfully implemented a project to create a portrait of Sergei Bodrov Jr. on the facade of a five-story Moscow building. The actor is depicted as the main character of the cult film “Brother” – Danila Bagrov.

How was the facade masterpiece created?

Ilya and Arthur worked on the five-story portrait for three whole days! Permanent outdoor spray paints were used for the drawing. A layout was created in advance, all the details up to the turn of the character’s head were strictly agreed with the customer. They decided to place the image on the building, the facade of which is perfectly visible from different angles. The house with Bodrov is located on one of the busiest streets of Moscow – every day thousands of guests and residents of the capital pass by the portrait of the main Russian superhero.

Few people know that such large-scale images cannot be applied arbitrarily. There is a whole procedure for coordinating the layout with utilities. Bodrov’s graffiti was presented to the house manager. Residents gave their official consent, confirmed by signatures. Only after that ArtAlyans started their work.

Art with meaning

There are about 600 official graffiti in Moscow approved by the city council. Most of the unapproved drawings instantly disappear from the walls of the metropolis. It is possible to decorate a street surface with a thematic image only if the drawing has a clear semantic load. The mural must be dedicated to:

  • outstanding personalities;
  • important historical and cultural events;
  • sports;
  • science;
  • art.

The drawing should not hurt the feelings of passers-by, openly call for violence, promote smoking or drinking alcohol. Only a project with a semantic load and artistic value deserves to be an ornament of the urban environment. The portrait of Sergei Bodrov was recognized as one of the best murals in the city.

A huge gray portrait on a white background, the piercing gaze of the hero, those very cherished words. This mural makes you stop and think, remember the most important things.